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Patti Compton  

Chair, Board of Directors, Community Action Fund of

Planned Parenthood, Orange and San Bernardino Counties

Patti is a passionate advocate for women's issues.  In 2018 Patti became Chair, Board of Directors for The Community Action Fund which raises funds in support of progressive candidates that value access to affordable reproductive health services and comprehensive sexual health education.

Justice Lynne Riddle

Senior Fellow UCI School of Law, 

Board Member, Community Action Fund of Planned Parenthood, Orange and San Bernardino Counties


Judge Riddle is, among other things, a social justice

activist, a Reproductive Justice lecturer and a Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Center for Biotechnology and Global Health Policy  at UCI. 

Justice Riddle is a member of the Community Action Fund of Planned Parenthood of Orange and San Bernardino Counties, where she serves a Legislative Chair, Advocacy Chair, and member of the Electoral Committee.  In January 2019 she was elected Assembly District Delegate for District 74.

Scott Rhinehart

Candidate for State Assembly, District 73

Scott Rhinehart is a community leader, businessman, husband, father and grandfather.  He will discuss his candidacy and plans to serve the 73rd District.